About Abel

For adults only

“Abel’s Spanking Stories” launched on 7th June 1999, and has since become one of the most popular free sites for literary corporal punishment-related erotica on the web. This relaunched version of the site brings together over fifty of my award-winning stories; more (previously unpublished) content will be added to the site on a regular basis.

From 2006 – 2014, I posted every other day on the “Spanking Writers” blog. And I also host a rather deliciously naughty Tumblr site.

I’m a feedback whore: I love reading comments and emails from readers. Please do let me know if you enjoy the stuff I produce.


Reality vs. Fantasy

I don’t approve of abusive behaviour or of activities involving those not of legal age. I do approve of adults fantasising about their sexuality, and enjoying safe kinky play to which all parties consent. Informed, consensual non-consent is great; it should go without saying that I abhor actual abuse.


Real-life play and friendship

“You stand in front of me in your school uniform, nervously, unable to meet my eyes. You can’t quite believe that you’re here in the Headmaster’s study; that you’ve been caught. You’ve tried to explain, but to no avail. You’ve listened with dread as I’ve explained that girls who break the rules need to be punished, knowing what that must mean. I open the cupboard and take out a cane…”

If that appeals, then it would be great to chat more, as I love discussing all things spanking with like-minded folks. So whether you’re plucking up the courage to be spanked for the first time; need greater discipline in your life; or are experienced in the scene… if the thought of receiving the cane, tawse or belt sends scary (yet excited?) shivers down your spine…. it’d be great to hear from you.

In my vanilla life, I’m a successful professional, running my own business and living in London (although I travel pretty extensively within the UK, continental Europe and US). I have a wonderful fiancee, Emma Jane, so I’m not looking for romance. Nor, these days, do we play 1:1 with friends without the other being around – at a party, say, or if we have friends over. But on the right occasion and with the right people, we are then open in terms of corporal punishment and sexually – and so we’re always interested in meeting new folks who enjoy this thing that we do.

Nothing works without mutual trust, rapport, chemistry and discretion. Email? Coffee? It’d be lovely to chat and see if we connect. You can reach me via abel1234 @ hotmail.com .